Interview with Yoshi Vu

Yoshi Vu is a 3D artist. He also works in the movie, television, and video game industries in addition to doing awesome graphics for everybody's 3rd or maybe 4th favorite Youtube show, Game Sack. He doesn't actually work for In 'n Out. recently had the opportunity to sit down with Yoshi and ask him a few questions. An interview, if you will. What follows below is a transcription of that event.

- So you’ve worked on movies, TV shows, games, and even books. But can you cook?

- Yes. I actually think I'm outstanding at it. Thanks to daytime television and cooking mama.

- You did the Game Sack logo graphic animation as well as isolated work on a few specific episodes. The most impressive was the Sega Genesis episode where you took actual images of Joe’s Sega Genesis, both external and internal and created a flythrough of the console. That kind of production value is rarely seen in Youtube videos. Have you worked on content for other Youtube channels?

- Absolutely, I have a passion for retrogaming and related content. Some other channels have included the CU Podcast, AVGN, and Game Chasers Movie.

- So what TV shows and movies have you worked on, assuming that you can mention them and aren’t restricted by NDA?

- I kind of "collect" credits the way people collect other things, so just about anything I enjoy that I can be a part of, I do. Some notable properties would be the MCU, Star Wars (Ep IX, Mandalorian), Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead.

- Very nice. What other TV shows and movies besides those?

- Well, I'm currently working on Hawkeye, which should be out next month. (November 2021)

- Outstanding! What other TV shows and movies?

- Um, some indie movies as well. Return to Goldeneye was one, and I was in a movie called Cross: Rise of the Villains... which is subjectively bad. Actually, it's just bad... I just really wanted to stand toe to toe with Vinnie Jones.

- Impressive. Most impressive. You’ve also worked on cinematics for videogames. Which games?

- Yes, Destiny 2 (the falling cards cinematic) as well as League of Legends Odyssey, where I did the ship interior as well as the cell phone.

- McDonald’s, Wendy’s or Burger King?

- Of those 3? Probably McDonald's. Although I'm not much of a fast food person.

- What did you wanna be when you grew up?

- I really wanted to be too many things... I wanted to work on all the movies and videogames I enjoyed, but also wanted to be a scout sniper as well as a professional fighter. Oh, I wanted to be a transformer too...

- Many people probably don’t know, but you were responsible for animating the wonky eyeballs in the Game Sack Nintendo Virtual Boy episode. What that simply image manipulation rather than CG?

- 2d manipulation, I always try to find the most efficient method possible.

- Do you have any favorite game consoles? I generally dislike “favorite” questions, but they’re easy to ask and I am lazy, hence the reason for the question.

- I have an affinity for the Super Nintendo. Followed closely by the NES... these were my childhood consoles that defined my love of gaming.

- Hypothetical situation: You wake up to find yourself outside in the pouring rain in a strange city. No money, no phone. Nobody even knows your name. You’re in a large amount of pain for some reason due to an injury that you can’t remember occurring. As you’re walking down the street, a figure in the distance stops and notices you. It turns to you and starts shouting “Yoshi! Yoshi!” Your heart swells with hope as finally someone has recognized you. Maybe they can help! You rush towards them. But then that hope turns to dread as the figure pulls out a huge knife and shouts “I’m gonna cut you into little pieces!” and he starts running toward you. You start running away only to see another figure in front of you. “Yoshi come this way, I can help!” it shouts. But then suddenly, the new helpful figure is swarmed with rats who promptly eat all of his flesh and muscle, leaving only screaming skeleton behind. It is the most horrific thing you’ve ever seen. Meanwhile the figure behind you is getting closer. My question for you is this: Should gamers and artists be excited about Unreal Engine 5?

- Unreal 5 is amazing... the gap between real-time and prerendered is closing, and the tools and techniques are already growing more similar with time. There's still a ways to go, but it's a major step in the right direction.

- Do you plan on getting a PlayStation 5 and/or an Xbox Series X?

- I have an Xbox Series X, but plan ok getting a PS5 when I feel like it... and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg from a scalper. Otherwise, I'm fairly content with my PS4 pro. I've only logged maybe about 100 hours on that thing since I got it on release anyway. I'm more of an Xbox/Nintendo person, I guess.

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