Game Sack Downloads

Dave White Live!

Featured in the ending skit of our Spin-Offs! episode, Joe made this CD as a prank gift for Dave in 2000. There are four songs here including Let's Have a Beer, Am I Cheating on My Wife if I'm in Love with Myself?, I Want My Dracula X, and Bloody Stool. Lyrics are also included. MP3 format 320kbps. Click on the Button to Download!

Game Sack on Sega CD

Episode 58 "16-Bit FMV Madness!" was special in that ALL of the on-camera scenes were run off of my very real Sega CD (not an emulator). These were shot as normal and then encoded to run on the Sega CD by Brian G VanBuren. With this download, you can burn your own CD-R and play it on your Sega CD and watch all of the on-camera clips and also play the "game" from the ending skit where YOU get to be a co-host on Game Sack. It's unwinable, mainly because you can't win with Game Sack, but you can try! This should also work on your favorite Sega CD emulator.

Game Sack on Sega Genesis

Wanna watch a small bit of Game Sack on your Sega Genesis or Mega Drive? Well download this ROM from MatteusBeus and put it on your favorite flash cart and watch some FMV of us powered by pure blast processing! Should also work fine on most emulators.

Game Sack's Custom SD2SNES Theme

Want some Game Sack goodness on your SD2SNES flash cart? Well download this file I created to show the world what a criminal you truly are! Decompress the ZIP file and put the menu.bin in your sd2snes folder which is in the root directory of your SD card. BACK UP YOUR ORIGINAL MENU.BIN FILE FIRST! Works with firmware 0.1.7e, but may work with earlier or later firmwares.

Game Sack Custom Music

Here's more music that I (Joe) made for certain episodes, sometimes in a hurry, other times repurposed from older works I made. The ROBOvoice stuff can be kinda fun and the Final Fantasy songs actually went on to find a decent amount of e-fame. Still haven't received any royalty payments but that's OK. Download if you dare.

Dot Clean App for macOS

This is an app that can get rid of those annoying ._files you find on SD cards when inserted into Flash Carts, the Framemeister SD Card, the MiSTer, etc. Just drop the app in the root folder of the card, run it, and they're gone! Do NOT use this on your Desktop or folders that live on your Mac, external drives and cards ONLY!