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Game Sack Skits

Game Sack Skits Youtube Channel
Launched August 2016

Game Sack Skits is a second channel featuring only the end skits from each and every episode as a stand-alone video, with the exception of the first 5 episodes which are bundled together since they are so short. Now the skits can be "enjoyed" without having all of that other videogame review nonsense get in the way. Don't forget to subscribe! New skits usually go up within a week of the episode it came from.

Sound Sack

Sound Sack Youtube Channel
Launched January 2021

This is a channel focused on audio quality in video games. Most people talk about graphics, I talk about audio. How well is it done? Does it sound compressed? Is there discrete subwoofer? Is the dialog mixed well? What are the audio options? Things of that nature. Minimal editing (hopefully) and new uploads whenever I feel like like talking about a game's sound. Mostly modern-ish games but there may be some retro game talk from time to time as well.

How to Clean Your Stupid Games Video

How to Clean Your Stupid Games
Release Date: 05/22/18 Runtime: 6:08
Games Shown:

This is not an official episode as it's extremely short, barely topping 6 minutes long. Instead its a parody on how to clean your filthy retro games! Regardless this Joe-only episode was extremely fun to make and I hope you have just as much fun watching it. At the time this was made, there was a decent amount of noise on Twitter about people recommending game-cleaning products and method which might actually cause more harm to games and consoles than good. The car wash scene with the N64 game on the windshield wiper was shot by Billy from The Game Chasers after he asked if I was REALLY gonna do this episode. I had told him I planned to a day earlier.

Current Version of Playing With Sacks (created for Youtube)

Playing With Sacks 27 - Xeno Crisis
Runtime: 20:48

Playing With Sacks 26 - Castlevania: Bloodlines
Runtime: 42:40

Playing With Sacks 25 - Decathelete
Runtime: 27:50

Playing With Sacks 24 - FX Unit Yuki
Runtime: 40:53

Playing With Sacks 23 - Windjammers
Runtime: 22:28

Playing With Sacks 22 - Pocket Fighter
Runtime: 33:38

Playing With Sacks 21 - Paperboy 1 and 2
Runtime: 43:27

Playing With Sacks 20 - Overcooked
Runtime: 28:05

Playing With Sacks 19 - Astal
Runtime: 26:28

Playing With Sacks 18 - The Adventures of Bayou Billy - Mad City
Runtime: 25:54

Playing With Sacks 17 - Rastan
Runtime: 30:25

Playing With Sacks 16 - Heavy Barrel
Runtime: 24:58

Playing With Sacks 15 - Castle of Illusion on SMS and Game Gear
Runtime: 43:43

Playing With Sacks 14 - The Revenge of Shinobi
Runtime: 41:18

Playing With Sacks 13 - Magician Lord
Runtime: 39:47

Playing With Sacks 12 - Alien Storm
Runtime: 25:59

Playing With Sacks 11 - Haunting Starring Polterguy
Runtime: 27:52

Playing With Sacks 10 - The Astyanax
Runtime: 22:39

Playing With Sacks 09 - Jackie Chan's Action Kung-Fu
Runtime: 27:15

Playing With Sacks 08 - Splatterhouse
Runtime: 30:12

Playing With Sacks 07 - Chatting Parodius
Runtime: 30:02

Playing With Sacks 06 - Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge
Runtime: 44:45

Playing With Sacks 05 - Contra III
Runtime: 28:49

Playing With Sacks 04 - Super Adventure Island
Runtime: 27:37

Playing With Sacks 03 - Streets of Rage 2
Runtime: 35:05

Playing With Sacks 02 - Castlevania: The Adventure
Runtime: 28:04

Playing With Sacks 01 - World of Illusion
Runtime: 29:45

Original Playing With Sacks (from Final Bosses)

Playing With Sacks 13 - Double Dragon
Runtime: 22:04

Playing With Sacks 12 - Captain American and The Avengers
Runtime: 24:45

Playing With Sacks 11 - DemonFront
Runtime: 12:14

Playing With Sacks 10 - Super Castlevania IV
Runtime: 18:48

Playing With Sacks 09 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Runtime: 21:07

Playing With Sacks 08 - Metamorphic Force
Runtime: 30:44

Playing With Sacks 07 - Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
Runtime: 25:44

Playing With Sacks 06 - GunForce2
Runtime: 24:35

Playing With Sacks 05 - Total Carnage
Runtime: 9:34

Playing With Sacks 04 - Vigilante
Runtime: 18:48

Playing with Sacks 03 - Super Monkey Ball - Monkey Target
Runtime: 17:42

Playing with Sacks 02 - Night Warriors
Runtime: 15:32

Playing With Sacks 01 - Golden Axe
Runtime: 14:55

Extra Game Sack Videos!

The Neo Geo X Firmware Update Reviewed
Runtime: 5:12

Far Cry-Blood Dragon - Limbo - Braid - Strider DELETED REVIEWS
Runtime: 7:15