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Game Sack Volume 1

  • The first 20 episodes
  • Commentary for every episode and even many of the extra videos with Joe and Dave!
  • Exclusive "It Begins" documentary about how Game Sack began
  • Exclusive new Random Battle episode!
  • Interactive "Choose Your Destiny" where you choose how the adventure unfolds
  • Blu-ray menu artwork slideshow
  • Animated menus with discrete 5.1 surround sound!
  • Old videos made by Joe and Dave from the 90's and 2000's!
  • Hidden easter eggs
  • 635 minutes total running time
  • Region Free!

Game Sack Volume 2

  • 17 episodes: (21-35, 167, and 169)
  • Commentary for every episode including the bonuses with both Joe and Dave!
  • Exclusive "The Making of Game Sack" narrated by Mark Bussler of Classic Game Room!
  • Exclusive new episodes: Random Battle 4 and Surfing the Internet with Your Console!
  • Youtube parody episode with commentary from Game Sack, Mark Bussler, Happy Console Gamer and Metal Jesus!
  • Many more old videos dating from 1992 on up, including psychological thriller "A Killer Weekend"
  • Animated menus in discrete 5.1 surround sound
  • Some older videos even mixed in 5.1 surround sound
  • Hidden easter eggs
  • 748 minutes total running time
  • Region Free!